Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Why There Is A Need For Dedicated Hosting?

What is meant by dedicated server? Why there is a need for such kind of server solution? A dedicated server is known to a web hosting solution that enables you to get the authority of entire server. As the name implies, it is completely dedicated to owner and not being shared. There are different types of dedicated servers available. 

There are two main reasons behind the use of such server. The first crucial reason it offers superior service for website while minimizing downtime and also offers quick customer experience. In case, the site is huge and there are lots of businesses to manage, then dedicated hosting solution turns out to be best. Second reason while using hosting solution, the online transaction happening in site can be done through secured SSL certification that needs acceptance of credit cards.

What kind of dedicated hosting is available?
·         Managed hosting: One of the benefits that can be achieved is that there is an opportunity of gaining complete technical support for hardware as well as software from company. In order to upkeep the site it is necessary to ensure technical support which can be achieved through IT department. Troubleshooting software in case of problem and keeping site updated is the main focus.
·         Unmanaged hosting: They are affordable solutions compared to managed hosting and will not include all kind of technical support. Once this plan chosen it is important to ensure that someone in company should have good understanding of web applications as well as network configuration. Through this hosting solution it is only possible to maintain and update hardware. 

What should be considered in dedicated server hosting? RAM is an important consideration. It is essential to at least aim for 2GB of RAM or can think of having more. Users who are visiting your website can great effect your RAM and having not enough of it can crash the site. There will also be a problem with database driven applications. Best processor can also play an important role. CPU is now updated or can also be standard desktop CPUs.
It is essential to have dedicated server in order to manage huge site. In case there are innumerable files and documents that need to be stored, it is always a clear idea to choose dedicated solution. With this solution, you will get access to managed and unmanaged hosting. Ensure that RAM is more than 2 GB which helps to keep the site running smoothly.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How To Choose VPS Servers For Hosting?

Are you looking to host your website? Are you on a strict budget? Well then VPS servers are the perfect for your aspirations. It acts pretty much like a normal physical server, but only that a certain portion of the physical resources are provided for your purpose. Servers are pretty highly priced and are obviously a hindrance to small businesses or organizations that want to host a site. This is where virtual private servers play a major role. Here’s what you should be looking forward to.

Cheap prices:

This is one of the main reasons; one prefers a VPS rather than an actual server. Comparatively the cost of physical servers is very high. As an alternative one gets a much cheaper option without a drop in the quality. One can basically select everything separately and each has an allotted price. These are generally the kind of OS, the number of CPUs, the amount of memory required in RAM and as hard disk space and also the number of IP addresses etc. 

Besides, one can also hire for long term and get more discounts. The longer the plan, the more is the discount that is offered. Also one can get a free subscription for certain months with long time subscription plans. 


One can expect to get all round software support with subscription. You are basically offered a choice of the OS. One can opt for Windows or even another Linux VPS hosting operating systems. Support is offered over a wide range of languages like PHP, Java, Perl, ASP and also Ruby. 


Unlimited domains are also provided to clients and at very cheap rates. One can also use these domains for e-mail communication for POP3, IMAP and also SMTP servers. Spam filters work to eliminate problems from them. 


A range of multimedia support is expected to be provided. Scripts, Mplayer, Flv tools, etc. are all there. A file manager makes management of all files a lot easier too. 


In case of a problem, these servers should have effective backup software. Remote backup facility should also be there. Often 30 days off-site backup is provided which is free. Also restoring of backups is a lot easier with panel and Plesk.

If you’re keen on hiring VPS servers, you can evaluate the services based what has been discussed above. If they are provided, it is okay for one to subscribe to these services. So subscribe and get your website up and working!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Know More About Reseller Hosting And Plans

Are you interested in the reseller web hosting business? These days with lots of web hosts coming up, it has turned into a fairly profitable business. Also there is more demand for hosting of sites by companies that mostly are small sized and medium sized. Therefore it is a promising business to plunge into these days. However, in order to host a business you must keep in mind certain things that are offered and whether they go as per your ideas and plans. 


For profit maximization, one will definitely bank on cheap investments. Companies that offer reseller hosting facilities know this and therefore, plans are priced accordingly. There are basic plans and also those with better offerings. It depends on the customer to pick the plan that is in the best interest for the business.

Among the plans offered unlimited bandwidth, a free two day trial period and also a website builder for coding purposes. The basic plan has a cap on the number of domains, sub domains and also limited web space. The higher plans offer more web space and unlimited number of domains and sub domains as well. Plans start at around $4 and go up to $21. You are free to charge the price for your customers that you deem good for profit making. 


All round support is offered to customers in every sphere that is necessary. Technical support is provided as well as software support. These servers will provide a guaranteed uptime of 99 percent. If you go by this, that is actually a great amount of assurance. 

Software support comprises of PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Perl, ASP.NET etc. Since Java is a very important component of the internet these days, full support for this language is provided. The website builder tool also helps the developing of a website a lot easier. Multimedia tools, file managers, scripts etc. are all provided.
Proper backup facilities are provided to customers. Remote backups as well as offsite backups are provided. Even restoring of backups are a lot easier and hassle free. 

If you have made up your mind on having a web hosting reseller business, the points above will give you a good idea of what you can expect from hosts these days. Most plans are cheap and good for profit making which will give your goals a boost. You can also look up the site to get more details and then make a choice of the plan.   

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Where Can You Get Good Web Hosting Reseller Services?

Are you interested in the webhosting reseller business? It has emerged out as a major form of business these days. People can host third party websites and probably try and make a profit from it. With many small firms and organizations taking to this form of site hosting, one can be sure to generate a good amount of revenue. But to generate profits, one must also keep note the investment that they put into the business. 


One must select a company that offers plenty of plans to their customers. Of course the plan that the customer chooses, will be according to the number of clients they have been providing service to. Therefore, a wide variety of plans are on the offer to make things simple. Generally, four plans are on the offer, reseller simple to reseller three. A free website builder is offered for the convenience of the customers. A two day free trial is also offered to try out the features. Web space offered is 50 GB for the simple plan to 120 GB for the reseller three packs. Unlimited bandwidth is provided to all these plans. Domains and sub-domains are limited for the simple pack, but unlimited for the others. WHM reseller is also offered for free to all these packs.  

Proper support:

Fully fledged technical support is provided to all customers and that too 24/7. Also one is guaranteed a 99.9 percent server uptime. This is actually very important information and one can be very reliable on it. A thirty day money back policy exists in case promises go unfulfilled. 

Besides regular support, there is also provision for software support. The website builder tool can be a very good option to new coders. There is also extensive language support provided for all major languages used in coding websites. Backups are periodically done and maintained. Remote backups are also possible to be carried out. Restoration of these backups when required is an easy process that can be carried out. 

Affordable costs:

All of these offerings come at pretty cheap prices. The simple plan starts at as low as about $3.5 per month and the highest plan offered is at $21 per month. One can them as cheap reseller hosting options considering the overall offers they provide.

People who have been using their services have been very satisfied with the overall experience. You can, therefore, be assured of the best reseller hosting services too. Get your subscription underway.